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  • Laurine Phelut's album -collectici intim front
  • Laurine Phelut's album -collectici intim back
Laurine Phélut's album available !

Vicente Asencio, Matilde Salvador,Astor Piazzola, Johann Sebastian Bach,
David Grimes, Anthony Girard

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A.Piazzola-Café 1930

F.Tarrega - Recuerdos de la Alhambra

D.Grimes - Prelude

JS Bach-BWV1031: Siciliana

JS Bach-BWV1031: Allegro

- Aranjuez Concerto with Luxembourg chamber orhestra-Philharmonie concert hall -November 2013

-Interview in Guitare classique Review             click for details
- Presentation of Laurine phelut's CD in the France Musique Radio broadcast "leur 1er CD" (Gaëlle Le Gallic)-Mai 2013
- Recital at Boussy-saint-Antoine (France) - September  2012 

-  Guitar and flute recital with Aldo Baerten at "jeudis musicaux de Royan" festival -July 2012

- Solo recital and masterclass in the international guitar festival of Zacatecas, Mexico - April 2010

- Solo recital at Plan d'Aups Sainte Baume France -  July  2009 

- Solo recital at Feyzin, near Lyon, France - May 2009 

- Solo recital at Northridge, California, United-states - October 2008 

Masterclass at Fullerton University, California, United-states - October 2008

Solo recital at Fullerton, California, United-states - October 2008

New guitar from the very famous french guitar builder Dominique Delarue - July 2008

- Article about Laurine Phélut in the spanish guitar review Royal classics-"women guitarists " section    January 2008

- Aranjuez Concerto with Olivier Roberti, pianist, at Epinay-sous-senart Church, France Novembre 2007

- Solo recital at Hermoupolis guitar festival , Greece- Friday, july 6th 2007